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Beautiful peaceful centre with
spectacular lake and rivers
... Only 2.5 hours' drive from London


Please find details below of the courses coming up at the Mill Retreat Centre over the next few months. If you are interested in booking a place or would like more details, then please contact the organiser directly.


March 2015


April 2015


May 2015

2nd-10th May 2015

Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing Certification Course

‘where science and spirituality unite’ with Carol Roberts

Allow your bodily organs, systems, chakras and even your chromosomes to ‘speak’ to gain deep insight into the state of your health, relationships and the world you are creating.  Bring ‘optimal functioning blueprints’ into these parts and regenerate your stem cells at the DNA level, restore lost codes to your telomeres for youth and vitality, experience past traumas and blockages to your joy and abundance drop away effortlessly and more. Inspired by advanced healing methods from Russia, these tools are easy to learn and easy to use both for self-help as well as to quantum boost your healing practice.


June 2015


July 2015

10th - 12th July 2015 Beginner to Advance Chen Tai Chi Retreat with Viki Lloyd & Steve Large

Relax, breathe and chill. Take time to immerse yourself in the ancient and beautiful art of Tai Chi with skilled and experienced teachers Steve Large & Viki Lloyd. Retreats are designed to offer learning and practice for all abilities from complete beginners to advanced students. Steve & Viki both teach authentic & genuine Tai Chi and are trained by Chinese Masters. They both seek to impart the original principles of Tai Chi through their instruction to ensure the best health, well-being and martial arts outcomes for their students. A warm welcome will be made to all participants, a varied practice programme has been planned and a beautiful location at The Mill Retreat secured. Contact Steve or Viki for further details - 

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August 2015


September 2015

24 – 27 September 2015, with Heidi Pascual, Yoga Artist


‘Soul Flow’ Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat

The Mill Retreat Centre, France

2.5 hours from London by Eurostar and private coach – organised by Lotus Love Yoga.

When the ebb and flow of thought and emotion become still, like ripples disappearing upon the surface of deep lake, a sense of deep peace arises within our being.

The stillness of the lake begins to mirror the beauty of the world above: the infinite sky, the gently passing clouds, the rays of the sun, the green trees. Our exquisite world that blesses our days.

As the movements of mind begin to still, ‘citta vritti nirodah’, the soft light of the soul rises to illuminate the beauty of our being.

Retreat Location
Mill Retreat is located within thirty acres of beautiful grounds. It’s stunning, natural surroundings include a deeply peaceful lake; flowing rivers; a nature reserve; woodland and wildlife and wetland habitat. It is a paradise for nature’s diversity, from deer to otters and over 40 species of birds.

A running river flows beneath the renovated Mill, dating back to 1846. The Old Mill wheel has been restored so that it provides hydro-electricity for the entire Mill Retreat Centre; natural, ethical, green living ~ loving Mother Earth.

The Mill has typically French, rustic ambiance, with large windows, wooden shutters, wooden floors, and balconies overlooking the beautiful grounds. Each bedroom has a natural, unique interior; light, airy and spacious. There are also two traditional gypsy wagons to enhance your experience of the country retreat, Francais!

The yoga studio is made of entirely natural wood with a high, vaulted ceiling and skylights. The centre has a feeling of openness, lightness and sky. It is a wonderful location to absorb this sense of nature and sky inside.

The rustic, vegetarian, home-cooked food will nourish your body, served in the bright, beautiful dining room or on the open terrace overlooking the lake. There is an open fire in the entrance hall to welcome your arrival, and an outdoor fire circle to gather around in the evenings, surrounded by two flowing rivers. Connect to the elements of earth and water under the starry, night sky. Mill Retreat offers this absolute haven of peace, including yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and cushions, a meditation room, a rowing boat to explore the lake and six bikes to explore the grounds.

The owners believe that the ethos, energy and atmosphere of a place is enhanced by the people who use it; this intention is reflected in the beauty and peace of this stunning centre.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: May all beings live in peace, freedom and happiness and may their actions contribute to the peace, freedom and happiness of others.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
On waking up in this beautiful location, we will do an energising, yang Vinyasa Flow practice, blissfully infused with the grace of asana, flowing through breath towards a soft, meditative mind.

Moving through beautiful sequencing and creative namaskars, we will explore elemental vinyasa: the Earth, the ocean, the sun, the sky, the stars, the universe within.

We are part of this exquisite world. There is an intricate web of beauty that weaves the light of the moon, the rays of the sun, the fragrance of the flowers, the harmony of nature with our being.

These soulful practices create a sense of connection, openness and vibrancy, leaving you feeling lovingly energised, uplifted and alive. In the afternoons we will surrender to a more restorative, yin practice, allowing your being to rest, renew and rejuvenate.

Immerse your being in the beautiful practice of yoga; the peaceful countryside; the woodland; the Nature Reserve; the wildlife; the lake; the riverside walks and the nearby Norman village of Aumale. In the evenings, we will enjoy the delicious, wholesome, vegetarian food and the outdoor fire circle under the night sky with the blessing of the stars.

Your time to simply ‘be’ and absorb the peace and beauty of nature – bliss!


·         Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes

·         3 nights traditional, rustic accommodation

·         Wholesome, home-cooked vegetarian food

·         Stunning, natural wood yoga studio

·         Bonfire circle between two rivers

·         Nature Reserve

·         Ten acre lake

·         Rivers, woodland and wildlife

·         Use of bikes and rowing boat

Additional Costs:

·         Travel

·         Additional Activities

·         Holistic Treatments


·         Your families are welcome to join us and enjoy the Mill, the lake, the rivers, the country walks and bonfires too.

£360 per yogi

Limited places available.


To find out more visit:

Please contact Heidi on 07814 245194 or email her at to book your space on ‘Free to Flow’ or ‘Soul Flow’ yoga retreats.


October 2015


November 2015


December 2015