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Beautiful peaceful centre with
spectacular lake and rivers
... Only a few hours' drive from London

Catering or Self Catering

The Mill Retreat can cater for most individual dietary requirements, from vegetarian, Dairy free, wheat free, various allergies and will cook meat too if requested.


Becky is the main Mill Retreat Centre high quality and versatile cook, and  will take care of all the catering requirements. The food is absolutely stunning using local and seasonal ingredients. She is very creative and flexible and will cater for most individual dietary requirements, from vegetarian, Dairy free, wheat free, various allergies and will cook meat too if requested. Surcharges might apply for specialist dietary requirements. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and delicious cook at the Mill Retreat Centre, as well as being lovely warm and friendly.


Organic Paleo and Raw menus options:

We have some extraordinary and healthy and delicious Paleo and Raw menus options, carefully and specially formulated  by Sara Bayley  an experienced functional medicine practitioner, which will transform the health and experience of your retreat.   Each menu type has a small supplementary charge as the work and ingredients involved are much greater than are normal menus or offered by other retreat centres. 

All prices below are per day per person and are in addition to standard catering prices of £90-£95.

Nourishing and energising vegetarian - £10

Nourishing and energising omnivore - £13

Cleansing and purifying - £8 .

Paleo - £18




Nourishing and Energising - Vegetarian

 This menu is ideal for movement centered retreats where light nourishing food is needed with the right balance throughout the day. It begins with a choice of breakfasts and freshly made green juice with superfoods. Lunch is light to maintain energy throughout the afternoon. Delicious protein balls mid afternoon help to sustain energy until supper when the most comforting meal of the day is served.

Gluten and processed sugar free, vegetarian


Nourishing and Energising - Omnivore

 For retreats where participants need to be present, relaxed and maintain concentration levels. This menu is very clean but focuses on delicious warming comforting food to help nurture guests throughout their stay.

 Gluten and processed sugar free, Omnivore.


 Cleansing and Purifying  and largely  Raw menu

This purifying menu is perfect blend of delicious of mainly raw organic prepared food which is super nutritious and cleansing perfect for transforming your health and retreat.


A grain, sugar and pasturised dairy free menu with organic meat, local cheeses and wild caught fish. This menu is based on ancestral foods and the way we are naturally designed to eat. Meals are based around vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, fish and natural healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Gluten, grain, sugar, pasturised dairy free

Catering Feedback

"The food was sooooo good." 

“The Retreat Centre is wonderful. Really enjoyed the grounds and facilities. The food was amazing!”

“The catering was amazing.” 

“Some had not experienced .......the  food before but were amazed by the Mill Retreat Centre's cooks."

Large Dining Room
Dinning Room 

Kitchen utensils list for self catering:

The kitchen is "brilliantly and fully equipped" it has a central stainless steel island, a double sink with drainer and large larder cupboard. It has 3 doors leading to the dining room, the garden and to a lobby with loo and staircase leading upstairs. There is plenty of natural light.


Electrical and Gas equipment

6ft Large fridge

7ft Large fridge freezer (50/50)

120cm wide Double oven and 6 gas burners plus hotplate

Dishwasher x2:  Domestic large and Industrial professional 2 minute wash cycle

3 x Kettle

3 x Toasters (4 slots each)

2 x Hot water urns 16 and 32 litre

Extra high powered triple gas ring

Electric Fly zapper

Small grinder

Pressure cooker Large

4 coffee machines (Russell Hobbs, Delonghi, Krups)

Magimix cuisine system 4100 Food processor

Hand blender

Philips food processor with blender

Robot Coupe R301 Extra Heavey duty professional food processor

Andrew James Centrifugal Juicer

Breville pro juicer

Saucepans/ Cookware

3 full sets of catering saucepans (very large)

5 medium saucepans

5 small saucepans

1 x silicon muffin tray

2 x silicon cake tins

1 x silicon loaf tin

6 x metal muffin tray

2 x non-stick cake tins

3 x non-stick loaf tins

10 x roasting trays

2 grill pans

2 Le creuset large casserole pots with lids

10 baking trays

1 jelly mould

2 sieves

2 colanders

1 wok

2 tiny pans

3 large frying pans

1 pancake pan

1 steamer


Plain white

35 x large plates

35 x small plates

8 x soup dishes


White with navy/gold edging

42 x medium plates


White Plates with texture

21 x large plates

3 x extra large plates

6 x small plates

55 x soup dishes

3 coffee pots

3 sugar bowls

3 milk jugs

22 coffee cups and saucers


Mugs - total 109

56 x Blue Emma Bridgwater love mugs

4 x Pink love mugs

1 x Mill Retreat mug

8 x Eric Ravilius Mugs

23 x Plain white mugs

17 Assorted mugs



136 x large

31 x small

4 x wine glasses



15 x small white ceramic ramekins

12 x small glass bowls

8 x very sweet egg cups

22 x tiny biscuit plates

8 x little earthenware pots

2 x Vases

9 x large glass jugs

2 x knife blocks

4 x wooden rolling pins

18 assorted wooden spoons and spatulas

Balloon whisk



Tin opener

2 x tongs

4 x peelers (not very good ones!)

Apple corer

2 x tea strainers

Garlic press

2 x spatula

Egg timer

2 x ladles

12 large stainless steel serving spoons

1 x salad servers

1 set biscuit cutters

Basic plastic scales

3 x graters

3 x plastic measuring jugs

1 salad spinner

Various tupperware containers with lids

7 coloured cereal size bowls

4 x wooden salt and pepper mills

2 x plastic lemon juicers

2 x espresso maker

2 x cafetiere

5 x wooden chopping boards (1 butcher block type)

7 plastic colour coded chopping boards

4 net food covers



1 x round cream casserole dish with lid

2 ceramic rabbit casserole dishes

4 grey ceramic casserole dishes

6 casserole dishes

2 large and one small glass mixing bowl

1 large ceramic mixing bowl

9 assorted metal mixing bowls

3 medium ceramic serving bowls

3 large serving bowls

4 giant serving or fruit bowls (gold, blue, brown, blue and white)


3 x oven gloves

28 x teatowels

4 x heavy duty kitchen towels

3 x aprons




Kitchen drawer

40 teaspoons

73 knives

60 forks

56 dessert spoons

18 tablespoons


Back up cutlery in dining room cupboard

7 knives

91 forks

4 spoons