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Beautiful peaceful centre with
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Welcome to NHR Organic Oils

which is part of the Mill Retreat Centre  also set up by Kolinka Zinovieff

Welcome to NHR Organic Oils

The largest range of Soil Association Food Grade certified organic essential oils in the world.

Trading for over 25 years,

we are the first company in the world to specialise in and sell exclusively certified organic food grade essential oils,

impeccably tested for purity by trained professionals.

Organic food grade oils is a much higher standard, most other suppliers use

the lower health and beauty grades, and non-food grades for essential oils and vegetable oils.

Making our organic oils the purist, highest quality, most potent therapeutic and food grade organic oils, you can buy.

Everything we produce is bottled by hand and with care from the latest distillations and harvests.

The lowest bulk wholesale trade organic essential oil prices from 1ml to 1000 kg/litres.

We deliver anywhere in the world and have special low shipping rates for the UK, USA and EU.

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products certified by the soil association

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Please note ALL prices are now excluding VAT which will be added on at checkout. If you are outside the EU, your account will automatically be made VAT free. If you are a business within the EU and outside the UK please email us and we can arrange a VAT free account for you.

Food Grade Organic Essential Oils
Food grade essential oils: Please note 100% of our organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils are also food grade certified as well as organic certified making them the highest quality grade possible that one can buy.

Customer Feedback

Hi there wonderful NHR team you're still the "best oils in the world exaggeration" with HUGE gratitude and love, a v. old customer, max xxx Wilcocks

 "I have tried many aromatherapy suppliers over the years, but NHR Organic are quite simply the best quality essential oils I have ever used head and shoulders above the rest! Service and customer care are also second to none." Peter Sedgeley


"I am having really amazing results using your essential oils on my clients. I feel this is due to the purity.
I was taught by Shirley Price and have always used her oils, but am now phasing them out to be replaced by NHR Organic Oils." Myschell Lyndle


"Thanks to you all for providing an excellent service (and for such gorgeous oils!)" Julie Day


"I wanted to let you know that NHR oils are my absolute favourite to use, especially this geranium oil which I use every day "I have found your oils to be the best quality of any I have experienced and will continue to pass the word on."
Erica Berglund USA

"I am a Reiki Master, and now use your oils in attunements. I have found them to be manifoldly better than all other oils I have tried. The fast and powerful healing potency achieved from these oils far outweighs paying the little extra. I have been so impressed that I bought NHR Aromatherapy Kits for all my family at Christmas!" Chris Massey.

"Congratulations on the high quality of your oils. I think the fact that they are organic must make a big difference. I have noticed the difference in potency between your tea tree oil & others I have used for my family & my patients. Maybe, some time within the next century, organic will be the worlds standard for many things" Mr. Sean Barkes.

" Simply the best essential oils in the world"

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