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Beautiful peaceful centre with
spectacular lake and rivers
... Only a few hours' drive from London


Please find details below of the courses coming up at the Mill Retreat Centre over the next few months. 

If you are interested in booking a place or would like more details, then please contact the organiser directly.

9th November to 12th November 2017

Yoga retreat with Cheryl

You are warmly invited to join Cheryl for a wonderful yoga retreat set in the stunning location of the Mill Retreat Centre in France.  This long weekend of yoga will cater for all levels, from the beginner to the more experienced.

All meals will be included and are freshly prepared by the chef.

The afternoons are free for your own activities.  Guests are welcome to use the rowing boat on the lake or borrow one of the 6 bikes; which include 2 tandems and an electric bike.

Please visit the website for more details and contact information (click on the link above).

9th May to 13th May 2018

Yoga retreat

The leaders will introduce you to aspects of philosophy and practices that are often overlooked during general classes, and there will be the opportunity for you to have direct contact with the teachers and receive guidance for your personal practice.  The program will include 2 Yoga classes per day, early morning & evening meditation & satsang, Argentine Tango workshop,  a walking meditation, guided walks and talks/workshops on Yoga philosophy, plus free time to appreciate the secluded and private location.

Please visit the website for more details and contact information (click on the link above).

24th to 29th May 2018

Chakra Healing retreat

Wouldn't you love it if your life became more graceful, more effortless and you felt more at ease with yourself?


Wouldn't you love it if you could move through the blocks that hold you back and reclaim your 7 chakra rights? Your right to be, to feel, to act, to love, to express, to envision, to know?


Wouldn't you love to unplug from your everyday life, connect more deeply with the elements of nature and return to your reservoir of serenity and peace? 

Each day of this 5 day retreat includes yoga, meditation, bioenergetic exercises, mudra flow, heart centred sharing, and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the surroundings at the beautiful Mill Retreat Centre.

Please visit the website for more details and contact information (click on the link above).

31st May to 4th June 2018

Michal Levin intuition retreat - Resolving Family Karma, Moving Forward into Joy and Light

There will be daily teaching sessions with Michal, meditations with the group, yoga exercises, daily walks, creative activities, as well as plenty of time to relax. All meals are included, with an emphasis on delicious healthy dishes made with plenty of good protein and low sugar. Our in-house chef can take care of all dietary requirements, including vegan and gluten-free. 

Michal's retreats can and do change your life: Come and work towards becoming your most empowered, creative and authentic, joyful self!

Please visit the website for more details and contact information (click on the link above).

22nd to 24th June 2018

Mindful thinking at play retreat - 'Creative mind, creative body'

When you're mindful you realise creativity comes from responding rather than thinking...

What MindfulThinking@Play aims to do is show how yoga, meditation and mindfulness play a major role in helping us observe how our mind and body flourishes when we're relaxed. Exploring our creative mind and...coax it back from where it may have been stranded, forgotten or lost.

Please visit the website for more details and contact information (click on the link above).

28th June to 1st July 2018


Brilliant time! I really loved my time at Nancy’s Chakra Retreat…The knowledge that Nancy shared was so beneficial for my self-development. I learnt so much. Nancy delivers with grace and a smile making the course fun. There is a variety of experiential body work missed with chakra lectures making it an enjoyable balance. This experience will always stay in my heart! Big hug Nancy you are truly inspirational. A very special lady!  Many, many thanks Nancy, I’ll be back for more! Michelle M...Guildford


Nancy’s Chakra Retreat on Holy Isle has been fantastic! Her playful way of conduction the course made it interesting and we as a group participated with fun and curiosity. Nancy’s openness, sense of humour, but also her deep knowledge, her story telling and trust made us laugh and cry. I have been on many retreats in my life, but never laughed so much! Thank you so much for these wonderful 5 days on our course, and thank you for having choses this beautiful peaceful Holy Isle Retreat Centre. You are amazing. Lisa K....Scotland


Nancy is a beautiful teacher. She is gentle and caring with passion to what she’s doing and what she is telling about. She is very creative in organising her retreats, so well balanced and helping each person in the group to open and shine and the whole group to become very special to each other. Unforgettable experience of journeying into our chakras! Very therapeutic and heart opening. Thank you very much! Thank you too Holy Isle.,,for the very beautiful and peaceful and welcoming place in the world!

Elena....Milton Keynes


I am so very happy I came to the retreat. My heart is full of joy and a love so pure I never knew existed. I have come away more grounded and have reclaimed my power and the essence of who I am. I encourage anyone seeking enlightenment and to reclaim the inner strength to go on a retreat with a Chakra Retreat with Nancy. Thank you Nancy, you are a great teacher.  Samantha N


Nancy brings an authentic presence to her Chakra Retreats. You will feel well held, well looked after and well balanced at the end. Oh, there’s a lot of fun and laughter too! This Chakra Retreat with Nancy is just what I needed! Fiona C....Findhorn


Nancy’s ability, along with the group to create a very supportive and loving space in which it is was just fine to be vulnerable enabling me to explore long held issues.  It was a great experience. It liberated and loosened by body, my feeling and memory. It was very healing and affirming and I had great fun on the way! Robert T...Bristol



A wonderful retreat -  so well organised! I really appreciated the thoughtful and planning that obviously you had put into it. Superbly contained. Nancy - you are a true role model for strength, power and beauty. 

Helen......Cornwall UK


The Chakra Retreat opened up a huge insight to who I am and has given me the tools to work toward moving forward and making progress along my spiritual path. This has had a huge impact on my view of the way I want to live my life in a more empowering way.

Sarah….Milton Keynes UK


Attending Nancy's Beautiful Chakra Retreat was a wonderful experience. I felt open to more possibilities and had more energy when I left. Nancy has a wonderful sense of humour and is respectful of an individual’s needs and is adaptable to the flow of the group.

Janet.....Cornwall UK


When I signed up to go on a retreat it was really a leap of faith into the unknown and a big step for me. I never expected to have so much fun and learn so much simultaneously. I can say that is has been inspirational, interesting, restorative, restful and filled with laughter and joy. Thank -you Nancy!

Claire Essex UK

On this Strawberry Full Moon weekend following the Summer Solstice, we will gather as sisters on sacred land to celebrate and fully express our divine feminine power.

Through yoga, meditation, song, dance, prayer and ceremony we will purify ourselves from unwanted thoughts and energies in order to deeply transform to a higher version of ourselves. Together we will create an energy vortex of gratitude and healing that we will offer to Mother Earth and all Beings.